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History of D&L Robotik GmbH based in Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren

D&L Robotik in 33181 Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren was established in 2005.

The original core competence of D&L Robotik consisted in the service for companies from the automotive industry as well as in mechanical and plant engineering. In that time the development of hardware and software solutions for a wide variety of industrial control tasks was its characteristic activity.

With increasing business scope, the decision was made to add the complex field of robotics in plant construction.


D&L Robotik today

Meanwhile, D&L Robotik GmbH has grown into a medium-sized company with extensive, high-technical know-how, own developments and convincing, customized concepts. The satisfaction and loyalty of the clients allow a steady expansion of the company.

In 2011, the company area was extended by a new building. Since then, D&L Robotik GmbH has been able to produce assembly systems with a corresponding large spatial dimension and to test them under production conditions.